Vehicle handover crucial to customer’s fuel and uptime


As Volvo trucks become more advanced, it is vital that customers get the information they need to utilise the truck in the best possible way. In recent years, a vehicle handover has become an important part of Volvo Trucks’ service.

Volvo Trucks’ vehicle handover aims to show drivers how to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their maintenance costs. Almost unique in the industry, Volvo Trucks NL is transferring valuable knowledge via dedicated inhouse driver trainers. Most other truck manufacturers outsource this training to public driving schools. The time and effort invested in a proper vehicle handover can pay huge dividends for customers in years to come.

Volvo Trucks NL has a team of three very experienced driver trainers, who also train the sales force and dealers to become vehicle handover specialists. This has led to Volvo Trucks and their dealers being able to work together as a very effective team. Willem-Jan Majoor has been working for Volvo Trucks NL as driver trainer for almost ten years. “We tailor all vehicle handover training to individuals. By explaining the many possibilities and techniques of the specific truck that the driver will be driving, we ensure that they will be completely up-to-date and able to drive as fuel efficiently and productively as possible. The drivers also get the possibility to apply what they have learned in an actual traffic situation.”

Here are five top tips from Volvo Trucks NL vehicle handover trainers on how to increase fuel efficiency and maximise uptime.