Why fuel-efficient
trucks are
the future

The automotive industry has
always been balancing two
conflicting targets...

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Aussie company cuts costs with Dynafleet

The Australian company constantly tries to make its services better. Using Dynafleet – Volvo Trucks fleet management system – it …

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Aerodynamic improvements cut costs

Air resistance has a big impact on fuel consumption. By reducing drag, Volvo Trucks’ latest aerodynamic improvements also save fuel …

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Three key areas Volvo Trucks Fuel advisors look into

Here are three areas the fuel advisors look into when meeting a new client. Driving A trained Fuel Advisor analyzes …

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Find out what makes I-Shift Dual Clutch such a smooth operator

When Volvo Trucks launched the I-Shift Dual Clutch in 2014, it became the first manufacturer in the world to introduce …

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“I’ve seen drivers save up to 40% in fuel”

Willem-Jan Majoor has been training truck drivers for nearly 30 years. From complete novices to seasoned professionals with decades of …

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“Our firm’s existence was dependent on reducing fuel consumption.”

Through driver training and investing in new trucks and technology, Polish haulage company Jastim has reduced fuel consumption to levels …

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“No one is saying diesel prices will not go up.”

Every day the price of diesel fluctuates and every change impacts transporters and truck drivers. It is notoriously unpredictable, but …

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Why fuel-efficient trucks are the future

Over the past two decades, the automotive industry has been balancing two conflicting targets: reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. …

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Top ten cargo transported on european roads – see the full list

Did you know that more than 70 per cent of the european export is sold within Europe? And that the …

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This is how the global transportation system moves around the world

Everyday, we use smartphones made in Korea, eat fruit harvested in Spain, and wear clothes produced in China from cotton …

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